• Food

    • Olive Dipping Oil


      Olive Oil and balsamic vinaigrette sprinkled with roasted garlic sea salt & smoked black pepper from the Spice Traveler. Served with fresh baked bread.

    • Artisan Cheeses


      A variety of gourmet artisan cheeses served with fresh fruit & gluten-free crackers.

    • House Tapenade


      Our house blend of roasted red peppers, garlic, artichoke hearts & olives served with gluten-free crackers.

    • Assorted Olives


      Assorted Olives with quartered Italian artichoke hearts.

    • Panini Melt


      We combine mild gouda & Italian meats with a garlic mustard aioli, on grilled bread from Rustic Pie Company. Complimented with our house Tapenade on the side.

    • Salmon Bruschetta


      Smoked salmon served with aioli garlic mustard sauce & our zesty mango-ginger chutney, topped with olive oil, asiago cheese and capers.

    • Charcuterie Plate


      An assortment of cured meats served with fresh bread from Rustic Pie Company, mango ginger chutney, garlic aioli & dijon mustard.

    • The Endil Platter


      Rich artisan cheese served with a savory assortment of cured meats, olives & our tangy house tapenade. Served with our fresh baguette... Great for sharing!

    • Caprese Salad


      Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil topped with Olive Oil & a Drizzle of Balsamic Reduction. Served with a Small Side of Lightly Dressed Mixed Greens.

    • Sweets

    • Dried Fruit, Nut & Chocolate Plate


      Turkish Apricots, Tart Cherries, and Deglet Noor Dates Served with Mixed Nuts and Dark and White Chocolates from Praline's in Prescott.

    • Key Lime Pie & Raspberry Coulis


      Key Lime Pie from Prescott's own Rustic Pie Co. Topped with a Tart and Tangy Sauce made from Organic Raspberries, Eucalyptus Honey, and Berry White.

    • Kids

    • Grilled Cheese


      Served with fresh fruit & Fortune Cookie

    • Peanut Butter & Honey or Jelly


      Served with fresh fruit & Fortune Cookie

    • Drinks

    • San Pellegrino Mineral Water


      750 ml

    • Root Beer

    • IZZE


      Sparkling Apple, Blackberry, Pomegranate or Clementine

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